Monthly Archives: February 2021

Grade 3 Homework

Read 20 min Study for Vocab/Spelling test (tomorrow) Practice Vocab Test Please read and sign Biography Bottle Project information sheet

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Homework: Reading for 20 minutes Study for Vocab/Spelling test on Friday Math: pgs. 50/51 Return signed Religion tests Module 5 Math test on Thurs. Vocab/Spelling Unit 11 Test on Friday

Homework Feb. 23, 2021

Read 20 min. Study for Vocab test on Friday. Math pg 58/59. Get Quiz signed and finish any corrections not completed in class with Mrs. Giles (for test score 19 and lower)  

Homework Feb 17, 2021

Read 20 min. Math Exit Ticket 9 pg 195 AND pgs 41/42 Finish Vocab Worksheet Return signed tests

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Homework: Reading for 20 minutes Math: pgs. 31-32 Make sure to have Sarah Noble book by Tuesday, February 16.